Substitute for Chicken Broth: 8 Delicious Options

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Cooking is an art in its own right and, for many, a form of creative expression. Knowing the right ingredients to use can make the difference between a dish that is simply okay and one that is spectacular. Chicken broth is a staple that can be used to add flavor to a variety of dishes. But what do you do when you can’t get your hands on the real thing? That’s where substitutes for chicken broth come in. In this guide, we’ll explore the best alternatives so you can find the perfect substitute for your recipes.

What Is Chicken Broth?

Chicken broth is a liquid made from simmering chicken bones and vegetables in water. The result is a flavorful broth that is used in a variety of dishes, from soups and stews to sauces and gravies. It adds a rich flavor to dishes and can also be used as a base for other ingredients.

What Are the Benefits of Using Chicken Broth?

Using chicken broth in your cooking has many benefits. It adds a depth of flavor to dishes that can’t be achieved with other ingredients. It also helps to bring out the natural flavors in other ingredients, making them more intense. The vitamins and minerals in chicken broth are also beneficial for your health.

What Are Some Substitutes for Chicken Broth?

If you can’t get your hands on chicken broth, don’t worry. There are plenty of substitutes that can be used to replace it in your recipes. Here are some of the best options:

Vegetable Broth

Vegetable broth is one of the most popular substitutes for chicken broth. It’s made by simmering vegetables in water and adding herbs and spices for flavor. Vegetable broth can add a depth of flavor to dishes without the richness of chicken broth. It’s also vegan-friendly and a great alternative for those who don’t eat meat.

White Wine

White wine is another great substitute for chicken broth. It has a slightly acidic flavor that can help to balance out other flavors in a dish. It’s also a great way to add complexity and depth to a sauce or stew.


Sometimes, all you need is a bit of plain old water. While it won’t add any flavor to your dish, it can help to bring out the flavors of the other ingredients. If you’re looking for a simple substitute for chicken broth, water is a great option.

Miso Paste

Miso paste is a fermented soybean paste that’s commonly used in Japanese cuisine. It has a salty, umami flavor that can add a depth of flavor to dishes. It’s a great substitute for chicken broth and can be used to add flavor to soups, stews, and sauces.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is a salty, flavorful condiment that can be used as a substitute for chicken broth. It’s a great way to add flavor to dishes without the richness of chicken broth. Just be sure to use it sparingly, as it can quickly overpower a dish.


When it comes to finding a substitute for chicken broth, you have plenty of options. Whether you’re looking for a vegan-friendly alternative or something with a bit of flavor, there is sure to be a substitute that will work for your dish. So next time you’re in a pinch and can’t seem to find chicken broth, don’t worry. There are plenty of great substitutes to choose from.

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